What is covered?

Heywood Homes warrants your home for two years against the following:

  • Water penetration through the basement or foundation walls;
  • Defects in materials, including windows, doors and caulking, or defects in work that result in water penetration into the building envelope;
  • Defects in work or materials in the electrical, plumbing and heating delivery and distribution systems;
  • Major structural defects.

What is not covered?

The following conditions and/or items are not covered by the Builder’s Warranty:

  • Damage resulting from improper maintenance, such as dampness or condensation caused by the homeowner’s failure to maintain proper ventilation levels or improper operation of a humidifier, hot tub or any other moisture-producing device.
  • Alterations, deletions or additions made by the homeowner (such as changes to the direction of the grading or the slope of the ground away from the house).
  • Defects in materials, design and work supplied or installed by the homeowner/purchaser.
  • Secondary damage caused by defects under warranty. While the defects themselves are covered, the personal or property damage they cause is not. However, your homeowner insurance may cover secondary damage.
  • Normal wear and tear, such as scuffs and scratches to floor and wall surfaces caused by homeowners moving, decorating, and/or day-to-day use of the home.
  • Normal shrinkage of materials that dry out after construction (such as nail “pops” or minor concrete cracking).
  • Settling soil around the house or along utility lines.
  • Damage from floods, “acts of God”, wars, riots, or vandalism.
  • Damage from insects or rodents
  • Damage caused by municipal services or other utilities.
  • Surface defects in work and materials noted and accepted in writing by the homeowner at the time of possession.
  • Damage caused by the homeowner or visitors.

Other Warranties

Appliance and product manufacturers provide warranties. Any such warranties and operating instructions are included in your Homeowners Manual. Direct any claims to the appropriate manufacturer as outlined in their warranty. Please contact us, if you need any assistance, however Heywood Homes does not provide any warranty on Appliances. Please ensure you fill out and send off the warranty information for each appliance to activate your warranty, failure to do so may result in your appliance not being covered.

Premier Guarantee Warranty

Premier Guarantee Warranty means you have the benefit of being covered against structural faults or defects which may arise within 10 years of the build completion.

How does this warranty benefit me?

Structural faults can be extremely expensive to fix and may not be covered by your standard house insurance policy, so having adequate protection in place is hugely important.

Having a Premier Guarantee warranty means you’ll be looked after by one of the country’s leading structural warranty providers.

Your new build home will have a minimum of 10 years structural warranty cover from the date of the practical completion of the property.