Helping new homes become affordable.

Nov 14, 2023 | Affordable Housing, Moorland View, Quality Homes

We know getting onto the housing ladder can be difficult. Could affordable housing be an option for you?

 We’ve teamed up with Debbie Hirst, Regional Sales Consultant, from Together Housing one of the largest housing associations in the North of England, and our own Cathrine Dickinson, Sales and Marketing Director, to tell you about the affordable housing scheme available at Heywood Homes’ developments.

Debbie, why is there a need for affordable housing?

Due to an increasing population, decreasing household size and improved credit ability, the demand for homes is outpacing supply and means that many can’t afford to purchase a home on the open market. The knock-on affect is that the need for affordable housing also outweighs the supply. New development and schemes like shared ownership and help to buy are paramount in helping people get on the housing ladder.

How many affordable homes are being made available in the UK?

In 2018/19 numbers of affordable housing starts on-site were the highest for 5 years at 30,563 homes, a 10% increase from 2017/18.

Affordable housing is a broad term – what does this cover?

Affordable housing includes social rented, affordable rented and Shared Ownership housing, provided to specified eligible households whose needs are not met by the market.

What affordable housing scheme is available at Moorland View?

We are selling 6 Shared Ownership properties. Buyers can purchase a percentage of a new build property, from 25% to 75%, and then rent the proportion they don’t own. This scheme makes it affordable for people to get onto the housing ladder that are not able to purchase on the open market. They can purchase more of the property if they are able to as their financial circumstances change.  

How does it work?  

It is a regulated scheme by Homes England and you have to be eligible and pass an application process, each housing organisation will have a dedicated team who can advise you through the process, you can find more information at   

How would you describe the experience with Heywood Homes so far?

We have worked really well as a team! The Heywood team are very professional, friendly and provide excellent customer service.

How have you and your buyers found the quality of the houses?

The house build is attractive, spacious and of a very high standard and finish. Our new homeowners who have purchased them through the Shared Ownership scheme are very happy.

If anyone has any queries or wants further information, who should they contact?  Our main sales number is 0300 330 5533- our website is  You can also follow us on Twitter @TogetherHomes

Cathrine, anything Heywood Homes’ would like to add?

As a developer with roots in the Kirklees area, we believe it is important that everyone has the opportunity to become a homeowner of a quality home that meets their needs. Heywood Homes prides itself on delivering high quality homes on all levels, the feedback we have received on the standard of quality of our Affordable Homes has been exceptional. We are delighted to hear that the residents at Moorland View are enjoying their new homes.  

The Iris properties at Moorland View are the first Affordable Homes Heywood Homes have provided, it has been a pleasure to work in partnership with Together Housing and hope to continue to work together on our future developments.