Our Top 5 Tips for Selling Your Home

Nov 14, 2023 | Interior Design, Selling Your Home

People often start looking for their new home before they’ve sold their existing home – we all do it!

You’ve decided to move and you’re looking forward to more space, more garden and space to park your cars but there is one thing holding you back. The need to sell your existing property!


Whether you’ve got your house on the market or you’ve just decided now is the time to make your move, we’ve teamed up with super Estate Agents Paisley Properties to give you some top tips for selling your home. 

First impressions may be the last impression.

We all know this, but people often think that this only applies when you have a potential buyer walking through your door but don’t forget that their first engagement is online. Whether on Rightmove, Zoopla or an estate agents’ website, as a scrolling generation we make decisions quickly by a swipe of a finger. This is no different when house hunting and with houses the photographs are often our first port of call.  Don’t underestimate the importance of quality photographs that show off your property. It’s very easy to scroll on past if a buyer doesn’t like the look of what they see.

The first impression then extends to the viewing. Tidying front gardens, cleaning windows and adding flowerpots or hanging baskets can all add kerb appeal.

 Create space and light

To create the impression of space, the best tip is to de-clutter. We all have too much ‘stuff’ on mantle pieces, shelves and worktops. Aim for a minimalist look with only the essentials on show for photographs and viewings, keeping your home as clean as possible.

Lighting can transform a room and make a room feel larger. Create this affect by adding lighting, such as lamps, to darker spaces in rooms. Lighting has also been shown to affect mood with increased lighting leading to more positive emotions. So, for happier viewings turn your lights on!

Keep it neutral

We know that decorating before selling may not be your idea of fun, but light neutral and natural tones won’t put potential buyers off, whereas strong decorative tastes may. Light tones also help make rooms feel larger – it’ll be worth getting those paintbrushes out one last time!

Things to avoid…

Try to avoid keeping pets in the home and cooking foods that cause strong smells when you have a potential buyer coming to view. You may love your furry friends but not everyone does – a friend or relative that could take your four-legged friend out for their walk and move pet food bowls and cat litter trays out of site. Likewise cooking a full English breakfast may leave a lingering smell, a house that smells clean and fresh is much more welcoming to potential buyers.

Choose the right agent!

This is obviously key to selling your house. The right agent will know your local area, price your property right and, through their local knowledge and contacts, may already have potential buyers lined up for your type of property.

Choose an agent that has a pro-active approach with a focus on communication – this approach may get someone through your door that may not have initially been looking at your home.

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Photos are the first thing a buyer sees – make sure they’re good ones.  

Declutter and clean surfaces. 

Light, neutral tones can make rooms feel larger and brighter.

Well placed lighting can create space and change the mood of a room.