Steal our style – The Master Suite

Nov 14, 2023 | Interior Design, Moorland View

In our showhome, the master suite is a retreat away from the hustle and bustle of family life. A room that encourages calm and lifts spirits as soon as you walk in.

To achieve this sanctuary, we created a classic fresh look, like that of a 5* hotel, in this high-quality home. Read on to find out how you can achieve it too…

Light and airy

Our first focus for this room was to create a space that felt light and airey. Natural light has numerous benefits to our health and mood. We maximised the light of this north facing space by adding large mirrors and reflective surfaces so the light bounces around the room.  

The Focal Point

In this luxurious bedroom the large button back bed is focal point of the room, on trend with latest interior styles. It’s a simple and classic design yet provides a big impact! Frame the bed with large statement lamps to add to the affect.

Luxurious fabrics

The bed, and indeed the rest of the room, is enhanced by adding depth through luxurious textures. From the bedding and cushions to the curtains, add luxurious fabrics to enhance the hotel suite look. We’ve used a mixture of beaded cushions, satin curtains and cotton bedding to create the look. A textured rug is the perfect finish to the room.

Sleek lines

Instead of imposing bedroom furniture, opt to keep wardrobes sleek and unobtrusive retaining the elegance of the space. By having a reflective surface, such as high gloss, the wardrobes also reflect light.

Soft walls

Here we’ve chosen a soft grey to ensure a calming space and allow the focal pieces of the room to stand out.

There you have it – you can now create your own master hotel suite in your own home. If you want to see the real thing, pop down to our Showhome at Moorland View in Meltham, HD9 5LW.

Look out for the release of our new Meltham development, Woodland Walk, and we can help you achive this look in your very own Heywood home!